Ensnare was born to empower people to create safer communities by deterring and capturing perpetrators of violent crime. Ensnare deploys cutting-edge sensors and analytics resulting in data directed police investigations. Ensnare generates prosecutable evidence and increases the violent crime conviction rates in major cities.

Ensnare is a patent pending, next-generation IoT security solution designed to deliver community safety. By capturing the digital fingerprint of the assailant, we provide essential forensic data leading to the detection, capture, prosecution, and conviction of violent crime perpetrators.

The Need

Nearly 40 fatal and over 180 non-fatal shootings occur in major US cities every day. Only a fraction of them lead to an arrest and prosecution. Communities most plagued by gun violence have historically experienced distrusting relationships with law enforcement, and without identification of the shooters, these crimes remain unsolved.  This leaves families of gun violence victims emotionally fractured and left navigating through life in a constant state of fear and distrust. Current technology allows police to accurately identify a location of a crime, but not the person who committed it. Ensnare enables the last mile of identification, evidence collection and ultimate conviction of violent criminals.

Smart Meets Safe

Ensnare combines advance sensor data with other data sources to identify the location, time and suspects of gun related crimes. Ensnare also generates a high-fidelity forensic package that can be used by law enforcement to convict these suspects.

Ensnare’s Opportunity

Despite advancements in the ability to identify the location and time of a crime, this has not resulted in a commensurate conviction rate of gun related crimes. The missing piece is identity. Ensnare is the first solution to capture the digital identity of a suspect and automate the collection of end-to-end prosecutable evidence.

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